"A new Voices.com partnership will integrate professional voice-over with an online DIY digital storyteller solution, YouScreenWriter.com. YouScreenWriter.com, an online mobile content studio, creates tools that help its customers tell their stories better. Whether it's for education, entertainment or business, YouScreenWriter.com's collaborative tools help anyone write, edit, produce and monetize quality publishable content faster and cheaper, then distribute it to all social advertising and news outlets. This new partnership leverages Voices.com's platform to take YouScreenWriter.com's toolset to another level. - See more at: http://blogs.voices.com/press/2015/03/partner_youscreenwriter.html#sthash.UbflLMX0.n1zATR1v.dpuf"

Trisha Beausaert
Marketing Manager, Voices.com


"YouScreenWriter is a truely original and a genuine asset to the filmmaking community. I wish there were a tool such as this when I was putting together my short films. Don't miss out on trying this great website."

Danny Munso
Marketing Manager, Creative Screenwriting Magazine


"YouScreenwriter's method melds the fundamentals of Joseph Campbell's "The Hero's Journey" into a simple, intuitive and thorough process that poses all the right questions and offers all the right tools. Beginning writers and seasoned film makers alike can use this handy platform to go step by step and soup to nuts from the breaking of the story through the completion of a web video. I'll be sure to share this with my network."

Aaron Mendelsohn
Screenwriter, digital producer, former Board Member, Writers Guild of America West


"This letter serves as recommendation for YouScreenWriter for their excellent contributions to the area of youth media education... collaborating with Santa Rosa High School and their media department...in a series called The Art & Science of LucasFilm. We were able to collaborate with and direct teachers to the YouScreenWriter.com site as a useful tool in helping the kids put together their pieces. I had numerous teachers give great feedback for how useful and easy to use the site was. It was a great resource for us and I'm glad we were able to connect with this great youth media resource."

Keith Zwölfer,
Youth Education Program Manager, San Francisco Film Society


A couple of years ago I took my daughter to the movies. We were sitting in the theater before the film, watching the coming attractions, and my daughter said to me: "Dad, I love previews. I could watch a whole movie of just previews." So I wrote one! I found YouScreenWriter's guided process of creating the steps in the Hero's journey very useful in honing my treatment of Previews to Hollywood's specifications.

Stephen Billias
Author of seven published novels and numerous screenplays.


Yourscreenwriter will be of immense help to me in teaching my students the interconnected aspects of literature and film. This tool will especially elucidate the chapter on "Film" from my book "Literary and Film Interpretation As Argument." Understanding the connections between setting, characters, theme (concept), and perspective (point of view) is essential to literary and film appreciation and interpretation. Yourscreenwriter takes us step-by-step through all of the aforementioned film components plus some more that are shared by literature: brainstorm your story concept, situation/category (genre), characters, setting/location, budget, audience; as well as your goals (objective) for the program, and a quick story summary (Premise/Pitch).

Many of my students are aspiring screenwriters. To them in particular and to all others in general, I will enthusiastically recommend the use of this invaluable tool that is bound to be a very helpful companion.

Abdul Jabbar, Ph.D
Emeritus Professor of English and Interdisciplinary Studies
City College of San Francisco

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