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"Where Every Hero(ine) Can Tell Their Story!"

"Where Every Hero(ine) Can Tell Their Story!"

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Picture of Greg Mandanis
Digital Irvine - Greg Mandanis, CEO of YouScreenWriter: Profile of a Digital Media Entrepreneur
by Greg Mandanis - Saturday, 8 January 2011, 06:29 PM
Picture of Greg Mandanis
Aaron Mendelsohn, Board of Directors, Writers Guild of America West, President & Co-Founder, Virtual Artists Inc., Screenwriter Supports YouScreenWriter.com Method
by Greg Mandanis - Monday, 22 March 2010, 11:59 AM
"YouScreenWriter's method melds the fundamentals of Joseph Campbell's "The Hero's Journey" into a simple, intuitive and thorough process that poses all the right questions and offers all the right prompts to guide beginning and seasoned screenwriters alike from Fade In to Fade Out."
-- Aaron Mendelsohn, Board of Directors, Writers Guild of America West, President & Co-Founder, Virtual Artists Inc., Screenwriter
Picture of Greg Mandanis
San Francisco Film Society & LucasFilm Youth Program Recommends YouScreenWriter.com
by Greg Mandanis - Monday, 22 March 2010, 11:51 AM
This letter serves as recommendation for YouScreenWriter for their excellent contributions to the area of youth media education. I first met Greg Mandanis at one of our youth education programs a little over a year ago. At the time he was collaborating with Santa Rosa High School and their media department. Greg attended one of our programs that we put on in a series called The Art & Science of LucasFilm.

In this four-part, yearlong series, experienced professionals from the various LucasFilm divisions share their knowledge—and their spectacular secrets—with Bay Area students in engaging and interactive multimedia presentations that demonstrate the intersection of art and science in the entertainment industry.

One of the follow up activities that teachers were encouraged to do with their students involved writing a film treatment for a contest we were holding. The point was to encourage the development of writing skills by using what they learned in the presentation. We were able to collaborate with and direct teachers to the YouScreenWriter.com site as a useful tool in helping the kids put together their pieces. I had numerous teachers give great feedback for how useful and easy to use the site was.

It was a great resource for us and I'm glad we were able to connect with this great youth media resource....

I hope that a possible grant would allow them to continue their work in the education community...

Keith Zwölfer
Youth Education Program Manager
San Francisco Film Society
Picture of Greg Mandanis
Irvine Chamber, Paul Merage School of Business & YouScreenWriter.com develop a business incubator for Southern California's economic future
by Greg Mandanis - Monday, 22 March 2010, 11:49 AM
YouScreenWriter.com provides the serious amateur essential tools to produce quality digital media productions. The gap between the professional and serious amateur is in not in the technology but rather in the content. Youscreenwriter.com provides the structure that allows the serious amateur to produce quality content.

I've worked with Greg Mandanis since the inception of this project. He correctly identified the market niche and his experience in project management led him to include a variety of tools that allow the non-professionals to create high-quality content. This web tool will allow a rapid expansion of digital media applications by ordinary users who have a story to tell the world.

My discussions with Greg over the past few years have led me to
recognize the importance of digital media as a growth cluster. I'm working with Paul Merage School of Business to develop a business incubator for this sector and I'm giving a special focus to digital media in my economic development efforts for Irvine. Digital Media will be an important sector in Southern California's economic future and I believe Youscreenwriter.com provides an essential tool to help it grow.

Vice-President for Business and Economic Development
Irvine Chamber of Commerce
Picture of Greg Mandanis
Imajilan Pictures™ EpiCintre™ & YouScreenWriter.com Collaborate on Revolutionary New Studio & Advance Learning Module System!
by Greg Mandanis - Wednesday, 17 March 2010, 03:22 AM
As CEO of Imajilan Pictures™, I would like to make those concerned aware of a project that may greatly enhance the progress and success of YouScreenWriter.Com if it should be forwarded with third party financial assistance. Our revolutionary new studio, development, production, and marketing integrated, transmedia incorporated, system and business model known as EpiCintre™ includes a mission toward helping develop new talent that can quickly transition from the online or classroom environment into the field of working professionals across both the entertainment and communication spectrum of integration.

EpiCintre’s™ seeks to assist and incorporate the cutting-edge Mandanis Center™ that will educate and train incoming job candidates with both traditional and highly advanced EpiCintre™ specific techniques and tools customized to meet the needs of this revolutionary, paradigm shifting EpiCintre™ model.

Our current research indicates YouScreenWriter.Com, once fully realized, is a strong potential fit for inclusion in the Mandanis Center™ as part of its advance learning module system. And we look forward to the Mandanis Center™ becoming an integral and strategic partner to EpiCintre™ well into the 21st Century and beyond.

--Zelan Bonn, Chairman EpiCintre™ / CEO Imajilan Pictures™
Picture of Greg Mandanis
What the Experts are Saying...
by Greg Mandanis - Tuesday, 23 February 2010, 11:31 PM
The technical world of Film and Video making/production has become more and more accessible to individuals through social networking sites as well as sites devoted to the medium of the internet. Likewise, a new way of constructing visual information, a new tool for media applied to both internet and conventional media presentation is in order.

Yousceenwriter.com provides such a pathway for the student, the casual media presenter as well as the professional to organize, share and revise visual media presentations using the same methods motion picture and television industry professionals have used for years.

Additionally, this site can be effective in a classroom environment as a way of teaching the basics of Film and TV production by lessening the gap between instruction and application.

As a person who produces small productions and documentaries, I find this site indispensable, saving both time and money, in it’s multi-user mode, when trying to communicate and receive ideas to and from persons while I’m shooting in the field.

Michael Saunders
FilmVid Communications, Inc.
POB 3913, LA, CA 90078-3913
Picture of Greg Mandanis
What the Experts are Saying...
by Greg Mandanis - Tuesday, 23 February 2010, 03:45 AM
My name is Leimomi and I am the Director of Outreach and Development for the Showbiz Store and Cafe, a unique Entertainment Industry Store that carries all the tools that one would need in Production including software, books, MAC and PC Computers, production products and supplies. With locations in Los Angeles, New York and a virtual store on the web at www.showbizsoftware.com the store is the resource for Screenwriters, Indie Filmmakers and many others in the Entertainment Industry worldwide.

I have been working with Greg Mandanis, Creator and Moderator of YouScreenWriter.com, and have had him come and present the product at one of our Webisode Industry Networking events as well as an in store launch event for the latest version of YouScreenWriter.com. The product itself is groundbreaking and
will help pave the way for the creation of online content for many young, aspiring individuals that want to pursue the new and emerging market of Digital Media. I am excited to work with Greg and support his journey with YouScreenWriter.com as I feel
it is it integral part in creating a dialogue to push Digital Media
Literacy to the forefront of our community.

Kind Regards,

Leimomi Coloretti
Director Outreach and Development
Picture of Greg Mandanis
Creating your Webisode with YouScreenWriter.com & Storyboard Quick 6
by Greg Mandanis - Sunday, 17 January 2010, 01:07 PM
Thursday, January 21, 2010 from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (PT)
ShowBiz Software Store & Cafe, Los Angeles, CA
Picture of Greg Mandanis
What the Experts are Saying...
by Greg Mandanis - Sunday, 17 January 2010, 06:56 AM
"YouScreenWriter is a truly original and a genuine asset to the filmmaking community. I wish there was a tool such as this when I was putting together my short films. Don't miss out on trying this great website."
-- Danny Munso, Marketing Manager, Creative Screenwriting Magazine

"A whole is that which has a beginning, middle, and end." ~Aristotle~ wsfcover "Do as the Greeks did... Start your Hero's Journey Now!
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